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Policy Advocacy & Stakeholder Engagement Manager

February 5, 2024


EFInA is looking to recruit a policy advocacy and stakeholder engagement manager who will report directly to the advocacy and communications lead while also working closely with other team members to carry out other responsibilities.


  1. Work closely with other teams to produce outputs such as policy briefs, whitepapers, insights, and bulletins resulting from policy research, policy roundtables, and stakeholder engagements.
  2. Plan and execute policy roundtables to validate the company’s research findings necessary for informing the development of inclusive policies for the advancement of an inclusive digital economy in Nigeria.
  3. Conduct comprehensive research on policy development, implementation, and evaluation in the context of the digital economy.
  4. Manage the development and implementation process of a proactive, propositional policy and advocacy strategy for the organization.
  5. Identify suitable and potential issue-based network partners, network partner recruitment, management, engagement, and experience.
  6. Manage day-to-day stakeholder engagement and follow-up to drive synergies and efficiency within the ecosystem.

Specific Duties

Stakeholder engagement

  • Coordinate the organization’s relationship strategy with relevant stakeholders and partners and address any underlying issues.
  • Engage network members and maintain communication and engagement around the campaign issue.
  • Develop a stakeholder bank that houses a list of all relevant stakeholders, including their contact details and preferred means of engagement.
  • Act as the point of contact for complaints and escalate issues appropriately.
  • Attend key stakeholder meetings and events to provide support.
  • Coordinate the processes for wider government and ecosystem stakeholder relationships.
  • Manage stakeholder identification and mapping and develop stakeholder engagement strategies.
  • Support strategic relationships among relevant networks, decision-makers, experts, allies, partners, and other stakeholders.
  • Coordinate the organization’s stakeholder engagement strategy.
  • Prepare communications for stakeholders and respond to stakeholder inquiries.
  • Prepare and manage workshops, roundtables, and event logistics, including developing agendas, and project plans, taking minutes, and producing reports.

Policy Advocacy and Communications

  1. Identify gaps in existing financial inclusion policies critical to advocacy for policy revisions or new policy initiatives to promote inclusive digital finance and financial inclusion in Nigeria.
  2. Drive financial policy awareness and advocacy by facilitating regular policy engagements that help validate and provide stakeholder feedback on the organization’s policy effort.
  3. Build relationships with government agencies, industry associations, and other relevant organizations to drive advocacy for inclusive digital finance and financial inclusion in Nigeria.
  4. Establish coherent plans and activities to achieve the objectives in coordination with the programmes and research teams.
  5. Deliver clear advocacy strategies to influence decision-makers, the media, wider civil society, and policymakers.
  6. Identify external opportunities for partners to support advocacy campaigns.
  7. Develop collateral (engagement briefings, presentations, and speeches) for partners for external advocacy opportunities.
  8. Work with the programmes and research teams to identify key advocacy opportunities and coordinate activities to maximize positive impact.
  9. Coordinate external messaging on policy and advocacy to ensure consistency in our communications and to maximize reach and impact.
  10. Develop press releases, media statements, and reactive quotes, signing off on content as appropriate.
  11. Prepare information resources and briefing material on key policy issues, e.g., reports and briefings for decision-makers, materials for websites and other digital platforms, and briefing documents for senior leaders.


  1. A strong networker and collaborator.
  2. Good understanding of campaigning, use of narratives, and communications.
  3. Able to collaborate effectively and contribute to areas that are outside expertise.
  4. Strategic, analytical, and creative thinking skills.
  5. Relationship management.
  6. Problem-solving aptitude.
  7. Teamwork and leadership skills.
  8. Strong organizational and analytical skills.
  9. Ability to understand, analyze, and develop recommendations in complex areas.
  10. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  11. Excellent IT skills and ability to produce high-quality briefings, data, and presentation materials.


  • BSc/BA in Business Administration, Public Relations, Marketing, Sociology, Political Science, Law, or a related field.
  • 7+ years of proven experience managing engagement with high-profile personalities and key stakeholders at a local and national level.
  • A minimum of three years of experience working in policy, advocacy, and/or research in a multicultural environment; previous experience in policy analysis and development is essential.
  • Excellent political insight and judgment, with a good understanding of the Nigerian policy processes and the opportunities they present for influencing.
  • Experience in the design and execution of advocacy strategies and projects.
  • Skilled and strategic advocate and a confident communicator who can engage persuasively with a variety of audiences.
  • Knowledge of policy-making and decision-making processes in Nigeria and other multilateral bodies is relevant.


Follow our journey on promoting financial inclusion in Nigeria.

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