Overview of housing finance in Nigeria - Aug 2010

There is a gap in the data published on housing finance in African countries. In an effort to fill this gap, the FinMark Trust has commissioned a series of studies that outline the nature and character of the housing finance sector in different countries in Africa. The objective of the study is to document the current status of housing finance inΒ the selected countries, and recommend areas for intervention to support the broadening and deepening of housing finance markets in Africa. EFInA partnered with FinMark Trust to conduct a housing finance sector study for Nigeria. The study covered:

  • Current status of housing finance in Nigeria
  • Demand for housing finance
  • Supply of housing finance including the range of organizations involved, the parameters by which they operate, and models of financing
  • Access to housing finance
  • Policy and regulatory environment including legal and political factors and implications in developing and growing the sector
  • Key issues relating to enhancing access to housing finance by low income earners