Technical Assistance Grants - Concept Note Guidelines

Concept notes must be a maximum of 10 pages and should include the following sections:

I. Project Objective

  • Statement of product/service to be offered and linkage to key focus sectors
  • Statement of how the product/service is innovative in Nigeria
  • Brief statement of how the solution will benefit the unbanked/under-banked low income customer segment and promote financial inclusion
  • Need for¬†EFInA funding

II.  Background

  • Project rationale
  • Product/service description
  • Product/service¬† delivery channel
  • The idea (e.g. similar project in other markets)
  • How does this product/service offering fit into the overall strategy of the organisation
  • Proof¬†of resources to implement the project plan
  • List names of¬†project team members and their roles
  • Capacity e.g. partner financial services providers, technology, software development, consultants

III.  Work Plan and Requirements

  • Detailed¬†work plan (who will do what when) linked to the objectives¬†
  • A description of what is required ¬†to implement the plan
  • A cost/benefit analysis of the plan

IV.  Targets

A set of outcomes linked  to the objectives:

  • Customer segment target: banked, unbanked, under-banked
  • Outreach:
    • Number of unbanked/under-banked targeted
    • Geographic target: urban, rural, peri-urban (specify location)
    • Gender target: male, female both
  • Development Impact¬† - direct/indirect in terms of increasing access to financial services
  • Customer acquisition costs

V. Key Risks & Mitigants

  • Identify key risks and mitigation strategy

VI. Budget

  • Budget for the project, including funding gaps