Mobile Money Agent Survey – Dec 2015
11 December 2015

Given the relatively low per capita availability of bank branches and other traditional financial access points in Nigeria, providing mobile money via agent networks presents a tremendous opportunity for extending financial services to un-served and under-served Nigerians. Despite this, EFInA’s Access to Financial Services in Nigeria 2014 survey found that only 2% of adults were aware of the location of their nearest mobile money agent, and less than 1% of adults had used a mobile money agent.

EFInA conducted a telephone survey of 279 mobile money agents in order to: (1) identify ways to drive deployment of widespread agent networks and increase usage of mobile money services; (2) gain a better understanding of mobile money agents’ operations; the challenges they face in providing mobile money services; their motivation for becoming mobile money agents; and their perceptions of how to increase the uptake and usage of mobile money.

Findings from the survey include insights about transactions processed, commission earned, float management, agent satisfaction, experience with incentives, and comparisons between the experiences of female versus male agents.

The survey found that most agents were glad that they became mobile money agents and planned to continue working as agents in the future. However, findings indicate that there are specific actions that agent network managers can take to improve the effectiveness of agents and drive usage of mobile money, such as engaging agents when conducting awareness campaigns, improving the customer experience by training agents to provide useful, high-quality customer support when issues are encountered, and designing approaches to specifically support and retain female agents.

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